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Government Oil and Gas Leases

Government Oil and Gas leases are available to the public through a little-known program that involves a oral bid auction followed by a drawing, often called the “oil lottery” for parcels offered the day following the auction.

While most people are unfamiliar with this process and many don’t realize such a program even exists, the truth is that it has actually been around since the early 1960s.

Prior to then the government land offices would make oil and gas lease parcels available to the public. If two or more applied simultaneously, it was almost impossible to determine who, in fairness, to award the lease to. This created problems for the land offices to the point that sometimes arguments and even actual fist fights between applicants would break out.

To find a better way the “simo” lottery was enacted. It simply meant that when two or more people applied for a parcel of land “simultaneously” a lottery or public drawing would be held to determine the who the winner would be for that particular parcel of land.

The program has undergone several changes since those early days of the old simo-lottery but one thing remains unchanged. Month after month, year after year, hundreds of parcels are made available in one of the few remaining opportunities that allow ordinary every day people to participate in a process usually though reserved only to only the huge oil companies or very well to do.

Over the past 28 years our company and staff have helped hundreds of people achieve their goal of acquiring these oil and gas lease rights. Our mission is to continue this level of commitment and service for another 28.