America Needs America's Energy

These are the productive regions of the Rocky Mountains that Wes State Lands and their staff, focuses on as service areas for their clients. Over the years we’ve acquired tens of thousands of acres of oil and gas leases for our customers in these states:

Wyoming Oil & Gas Lands

Wes State Lands has its roots in Wyoming and the staff has been involved in leases in that state for over 28 years. Our greatest success stories come from our clients whom, over the years, have acquired Wyoming leases.

Colorado Oil & Gas Lands

Colorado was the second area of endeavor for Wes State Lands. Over the years we’ve been successful in acquiring tens of thousands of acres in Colorado for our clients. We look forward to continued success in this state.

Utah Oil & Gas Lands

Utah is the newest state we have become involved with, Based upon the huge discovery by Wolverine Gas and Oil aggressively pursued lands there and recently our clients have collectively sold over 6700 acres for future development. Please read our “Recent News”.

Montana Oil & Gas Lands

Montana, known also as “Big Sky Country” has been an excellent source of great leases for our clients. Our clients have been acquiring leases in Montana for several years and have had a great deal of success in several areas of the state.

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